Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The cockpit is where the "stuff" first lands as we empty
the car.  Notice the captain checking to see if the dinghy
will hold air and float.
Usually when we return to the boat after it's been on land for the summer it needs a little sprucing up, but not a major cleaning.  I don't know why, but this year the boat needs much more than sprucing up.  It needs deep cleaning, inside and out.

The car was loaded to the gills on the trip from Indiana to Florida.  It was so full that we had to stuff in the last items and close the doors very quickly so nothing fell out. 

We've been here two days.  I've cleaned the salon and the galley and Phil has brought the last items from the car.  He has also filled the dinghy with air and attached the motor, reinstalled the sails, and is preparing to install the bimini (sunshade).

Now we begin the sorting and stowing.

Here is the "before" look:

The galley (kitchen), with a view of the garage.  Not one
empty inch of counter space.

Looking into the state room.  
We were fortunate to
locate the bed last night.
The salon (our living room).

I hope to bring you "after" pictures very soon.



Barbara said...

I hope this gets to be easy-breezy real soon. Looks like a return from summer camp! Miss you already!

Barbara said...

I hope this starts to look easy-breezy soon! I'd like to hear of you kicked back with a nice glass of libation. Miss you already!