Thursday, November 11, 2010


As we were getting the boat cleaned up and stowing things away, we noticed lots of tiny little ants in the salon and the state room.  I checked outside and found a steady stream of them crawling along the electrical cord that extends from the boat to the hookup on land.

We got some ant spray and ant traps, and sprayed where we had seen them, and soon most of them had disappeared.  We're still seeing an occasional tiny ant, but I think we've won that war.

Yesterday, I found three large ants on our bunk (fortunately, they were on Phil's side of the bed).  I dispatched them with a Kleenex.  A few hours later, there were three more large ants, right in the same place.  And then three more, and then nine more, and this morning, nine more again. (Wonder if it means anything that there are always multiples of three.)

We figured they must be dropping down from the ceiling, so today Phil opened a section of the headliner above where we were finding the ants and shot ant spray inside.  Scores of ants fell onto the towel we had spread out on the bed.  As he removed the headliner there were many more ants, plus white pods that resembled the pods on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, only smaller.

Everything is cleaned up now and no more ants have appeared.  We are leaving the headliner off for a while to let things air out and to be sure there are no stragglers. 

And you thought the cruising life was just white sand beaches, gin clear water and sundowners.

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