Saturday, November 13, 2010


No sign of any ants this morning.  I even got up around 2:00 a.m. and inspected the entire boat with my flashlight.  Not an ant to be seen anywhere.  We bow in respect to the manufacturers of Terro Ant Killer.

The major work is finished.  The boat is clean, the motors have been tested, sails have been checked, chartplotter works, radar works.  We made our second provisioning trip to WalMart yesterday and have enough food for several weeks.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of rest.  We'll take care of last minute boat jobs, do some laundry and watch the Colts play on Sunday.  On Monday, we'll set sail south, destination Key West.

We have several friends to visit along the way and hope to share Thanksgiving with my brother Allen and his wife Dorie.  They are in Palm Beach Gardens and have offered to drive over to meet us wherever we are anchored by Thanksgiving.

Go Colts.


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