Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We have spent two wonderful months at Marina Paraiso in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We love the small, friendly village with beautiful beaches and great restaurants, and none of the hustle and bustle and touristy feel of Cancun. 

However, we still have lots of the Yucatan Peninsula to explore and the time has come to head south.

Making chaps for our new dinghy was a 10-day project and I'm glad it's finished!  The sun is brutal to dinghies and they last a lot longer when they're covered.   With the chaps completed, we are preparing the boat for travel and hope to leave tomorrow. 

Since we haven't moved the boat in two months, there is lots to do.  Stowing things that might fall is at the top of the list.  We also need to top off the fuel and water tanks, make sure the engines are running smoothly, check the electronics, and do final provisioning at the local grocery.

Our first stop is Puerto Morelos, a small fishing village about 30 miles south of here.  Winds will be out of the east at 10-14 knots, which should provide good sailing.

We plan to stay in Puerto Morelos for a few days before heading further south to Puerto Aventures, another 30 miles.  We hope to meet up with my cousin Tobe and his wife Ginny, who have a home in nearby Akumal.  They will be arriving on the 27th for two weeks.  We believe that Puerto Aventures is as close to Akumal as we can take the boat.  Akumal itself has an anchorage, but the only way to enter the Akumal harbor is a 12-foot opening in the reef that protects the harbor and our boat is 18 feet wide!

Then on to Belize, where there are several beautiful places to anchor with great beaches and snorkeling.

Our final destination will be the Rio Dulce in Guatemala.

We'll keep you posted as we travel!

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Tieing A Knot said...

Glad to see a post again, we have wondered how you are doing. Our adventure has continued to be fraught with drama, and we have lots of new notches in our "boating belt" We are headed north now and will hopefully make the Chesapeake by June.
Have a wonderful trip down the coast
Jann & Gary
Sea Angel