Thursday, December 2, 2010


Rather than talk about what has broken, let me tell you what is fixed. The head is fixed. The engines are fixed. The alternator is fixed.  The freon leak in the refrigerator is fixed.   And as I write this, Phil is installing a new line on the jib to replace one that had frayed.  

So let the fun begin.   

Early tomorrow morning (Phil says "at sparrow fart"), we plan to depart Factory Bay and head south to the Little Shark River, about 40 miles away. Loyal blog readers will remember the Little Shark River as the place where we were stranded for several days last spring.   I hope to spend only one night there this time and be on our way the next morning.  
Saturday we'll continue heading south to Boot Key Harbor at Marathon, another 50 miles or so. The weather forecast is for north to northwest winds for the next two days. Since we are going south, we should make good time with the wind behind us.  
 I'm a little hesitant to say where we are headed because our experience has been that wherever we are headed, the wind is always on our nose. We are convinced that the weather forecast changes based on where we are trying to go, with the result that the wind is always against us. So please keep our plans to yourself. 
In a recent post, I showed "before" pictures of our boat when we first arrived at Snead Island.  Below are the "after" pictures that I promised. 
Here is the galley, all cleaned up

Our stateroom, ready for tired sailors

This is the companionway (wish I could figure out how to flip this picture)

The cockpit

The salon, our living room

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Tieing A Knot said...

Wondered how the trip was? Your boat is lovely inside by the way, I didn't get the "full tour" but I really like your galley set up.
We made it to Little Marco Anchorage, it's lovely!
Jann & Gary