Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We were so close to leaving...

We spent yesterday preparing to begin our journey south. We studied navigation charts, plugged in the GPS, chart plotter and other electronic aids, and stowed items that might fall off shelves. The weather reports weren't too promising, but we were ready to go.

When we awoke this morning, we discovered how uncomfortable Georgia's winter weather can be. Brisk winds were stirring up white caps on the Ogeechee River and the boat was straining at the dock lines, rocking back and forth. The sky was gray and the temperature was about 40 degrees, and not expected to go much higher. A low front was moving in from the west and would bring rain by early afternoon.

All of a sudden, a day of motoring down the Intracoastal waterway in an open cockpit didn't have much appeal. We reminded ourselves that we are not on any schedule and decided to spend another day or two at the dock in our warm, comfy boat, waiting until the weather could provide a more comfortable trip.

Delaying our trip turned out to be a good idea. Not long after making the decision to wait, the head (toilet) stopped working. Most systems on this catamaran are electrical, and the head is no exception. You push a button on the wall and the toilet flushes, or at least it's supposed to. Phil took the system apart and discovered that the pump that is supposed to make the flush happen had died from old age (the boat is 13 years old).

A few telephone calls later and a new pump was ordered and would arrive tomorrow. We made arrangements to borrow a car for the trip to the store, since we had turned in our rental car yesterday.

So, if you're picturing us snorkeling in gin-clear water and sunbathing on the front deck, just replace that vision with tools all over the bathroom floor, howling wind and chilly rain. The snorkeling and sunbathing will come soon enough.

For now, we've learned two good lessons. First, when you live on a boat, the weather determines your plans. Second, something will always need to be fixed.



Greg and Dianne said...

Great to hear you guys made it OK. We were sorry to hear you lost your head in the process. As the Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffett would say "Sail on, sail on Sailor" Looking forward to reading of your amphibious adventures.
Greg and Dianne

MIKE said...

I'm chuckling and smiling as I hear your words, Margaret ... bon voyage & have a wonderful trip (when you get everything working) and I'll be reading your blog. Your sense of humor is priceless! Deb