Monday, May 28, 2007

Our next voyage....up the ditch!

Our very first re-fueling draws a crowd of admiring onlookers.

Nothing quells a mutiny like a few random beheadings early in the voyage.

Watch where you're going!

We hate that low steel.

The Captain is on break.

Our next voyage will start on June 13th and will take us up the ICW from Melbourne, FL to a spot on the Ogeechee River that is just South of Savannah, GA. Normally, it would take about a week, but we're allowing two weeks -- just in case.

We plan to leave Melbourne on or about the 14th and go to Titusville, FL where we'll pick up our friend and fellow PDQ36 owner, Rich. He will ride with us as far as Jacksonville. At that point, my brother-in-law and Navy veteran, Tom Harnishfeger, is planning to join us for the rest of the way to Savannah.

We plan to motor the whole way but might get brave enough to raise the sails if we can find a really wide spot in the ICW where we aren't likely to hit anything. We'll have several chances to improve our bridge raising skills along the way and we'll know a lot more about our boat and the ICW by the time we get to Savannah.

We will probably leave Sunshine in the Savannah area until we figure out where to go next. Another sailing friend who lives there has offered to let us "park" Sunshine behind his house for a while and we will most likely take him up on his offer. Savannah sounds like a very cool area to explore and, after we have spent a while there, we may well head farther North up the ICW -- maybe to the Chesapeake Bay area.

We have been warned about some mosquito-like bugs known as "sand gnats" that thrive in coastal Georgia. The locals love them because they eat Yankees and, then, the shrimp eat the sand gnats. In effect, the sand gnats turn Yankees into shrimp. We are going to try saying "y'all" a lot so that the sand gnats will think we're locals and leave us alone.

Wish us "fair winds" and stay tuned for the next chapter.

Captain Phil
s/v Sunshine

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Fisherkeller said...

Uncle Phil,

We are going to be in Savanah on the 15th and part of the 16th. We would love to see you guys if you are there at that time. Let us know.

Chicago Fisherkellers