Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chapter 1.5

We have bought our plane tickets for another trip to Melbourne, FL (Sunshine's temporary home) on April 24th and we'll be there a week as we try to figure out what goes where. We hope to do a little motoring around the canal and maybe the ICW and, if we get really brave, we may anchor out somewhere close by and spend the night. That would be our very first maiden voyage and our first overnighter. How exciting is that? We'll try to get some better photos of Sunshine and her surroundings to post here.

We're pretty sure that Sunshine doesn't have a gas grille for the cockpit yet, so that may be one of our early additions. That way, when you come to visit, we can grille you up some freshly caught fish right there in our new "backyard".

We're not sure yet, but we think that we have found an insurance company that is desperate and crazy enough to insure us. At least, they cashed the check I wrote for the first year's premium. The only bad thing is that they are an Eastern European company (Turdistan, maybe) so God help us if we ever do have a claim. After we have had a little more experience, we hope to find a real insurance company that will be willing to take a chance on us. Right now, I know I wouldn't do it.

Stay tuned and we appreciate all of your comments.....except maybe the one about the granny knot.

Captain Phil

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